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Friday, 17 September 2021

Rockingham Road PillboxCanal Waterway Defence

Pillboxes | Anti-Tank | Bridges | Defence

Bridges and Canal WW2 Preparations

With the outbreak of WW2 preparations were made to defend the mainland infrastructure in the event of a German invasion.

Plans included using the canal network for defence and there are still plenty of historic structures and pillboxes to be found across the network.

WW2 US army non-commissioned insignia layout

Vintage USA Insignias Easy to Follow Guide

USA WW2 Rank Insignias USA Non-Commissioned

USA Insignia Vintage Guide

We may know a little about the 40s music scene, however, if like us, you are a novice to WW2 living history, this will help.

Understanding rank insignias is certainly a great starting point to identify and verify information when you are looking for authenticity.

The rank guide includes, Private First Class, Corporal, Technician 5th Grade, Sergeant, Master Sergeant, First Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Technician Sergeant and, Private

Old time radio presenter George Orwell

Old Time Radio Station

Wireless Broadcasts

1940s Radio OTR War Propaganda

Old-time wireless was a powerful tool during the war years, maintaining morale with regular broadcasts was essential..

Propaganda warfare was a new science, and one that would be used to its maximum potential by both sides.

It was no secret broadcasting was going to play a major part in communicating with the general public during the war.

The radio was the primary weapon of the Nazi propaganda war efforts that were pioneering the use of recent technology.

Shortly after the break out of World War II, the German propagandists were transmitting eleven hours a day.

By the summer of 1940s radio broadcasts towards the United States had become critical.

ARP Warden setting daily strict blackout London Blitz Strict Air Raid Precautions

Doodlebug | V1 Rocket | V2 Flying Bomb | Blackout

London Blitz | WW2 | ARP | Propaganda

Big Ben plunges into darkness as London goes dark for five years!

Big Ben's lights turned off for 5 years, 123 days and the country braced itself for the war. 

Little did they know what was to follow with the horrors of the London Blitz. 

Blackout Britain Big Ben in darkness vintage image archiveAir Raids Were Inevitable Strict Blackout Regulations Were Enforced

Everybody was prepared for the worst with the propaganda war in full swing from both allied and axis countries.

Turning the countries lights out finally drove home the reality of war with sweeping blackout restrictions which would be enforced rigorously.

Narcotics mentioned in vintage music lyrics and used in household productsSwing Music Lyrics and Narcotics

Opium | Cocaine | Marijuana | Reefer

Narcotics references and music lyrics 

Fats Waller | Cab Callaway | Trixie Smith | The Ink Spots

As we listened to vintage music lyrics, it became alarmingly apparent how many recordings made casual references to what is now deemed an illegal substance.

These references were made, not just by unknown bands, but also by some of the swing periods most prominent artists including Fats Waller and Cab Callaway.

Vintage Big Bands Soloist get FREE air time

Free Airtime For Vintage Artists

Bands | Soloist | Vocalists | Vintage Performers

Get Your Music on Air

We are on the lookout for vintage artists with recorded material, and giving away FREE airtime!

If you have recorded material and would like to get FREE airtime then read on.

There are some fantastic artists on the retro entertainment circuit and we know many have produced CDs and online albums.

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