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Saturday, 08 August 2020
1940s Radio

1940s Radio

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Listener Discretion Notice

1940sRadio.Com prides itself in its programming and our music archive is either of the 40s period or may contain contemporary tracks in the vintage style.

Some broadcasts may also contain content with outdated cultural representations and listener discretion is advised.

Please note that no underlying intentions are represented in the transmission of this material, simply to enjoy the music of the era.

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Nineteen Forties Historic Media

Vintage Film | Pathe News | WW2 Images | Blitz

A Snapshot of Lifestyle During The War Years

Over time we have gathered together a collection of historic videos and images covering all aspects of the WW2 war years and we are adding them here.

We have divided this archive up into two simple sections, one for images, and the other for vintage film footage.

Video Film Archive

WW2 Images and Lifestyle Gallery




Live Vintage Broadcasts

Dave Dawes Live every Monday, Wednesday and FridayDave Dawes presents Live Sounds of the 40s

Time Zone: GMT 24 Hour Clock

Monday and Wednesday

Show Start Time GMT: 20:00
Show Duration: 60 Minutes


Show Start Time GMT: 20:00
Show Duration: 120 Minutes

We would like to thank all our listeners for tuning in to the live shows over the last few weeks.

As we have progressed and brought onboard new presenters with even more to come, and it was time to take a fresh look at the programming.

Our live broadcasts proved to be such a huge success we have decided to make live shows a permanent feature.

1940s Radio Station presenters

1940s Radio Station

Old Time Radio

Present A Vintage OTR Show

Have you ever listened to one of our broadcasts and thought I could do that? Then this is your opportunity to become a vintage presenter.

None of our current presenters originate from a radio background but they are all involved in the current vintage scene and have a keen interest in music.

Some have joined with limited IT knowledge and we offer support to those of you wishing to take up the challenge.

 All you will need is a laptop or PC, a microphone, access to the Internet, and a current email address, the rest we can help with.

Rockingham Road PillboxCanal Waterway Defence

Pillboxes | Anti-Tank | Bridges | Defence

Bridges and Canal WW2 Preparations

With the outbreak of WW2 preparations were made to defend the mainland infrastructure in the event of a German invasion.

Plans included using the canal network for defence and there are still plenty of historic structures and pillboxes to be found across the network.

Boots on the Ground Living history groupLiving History Through Reenactment

Boots on the Ground Home Page

Vintage Lifestyle | Living History

Re-enactors, come back soon we are working on content for this page.

This page is maintained by Boots on the Ground living history group.


Brand new shows from your favourite presenter for our VE Day celebrations 8th May

Victory in Europe VE Day

VE Day 8th May 1945 75th Anniversary Broadcasts

All-day celebrations with 1940s Radio Station from Thursday 00:00 GMT

The presenters at your favorite 1940s Radio Station have produced a special VE Day shows packed with wartime radio classics just for the 75th VE Day anniversary celebrations.

The shows will broadcast from midnight Thursday right through until midnight Friday giving you plenty to choose from, adding that authentic period twist to your day.

A variety of VE Day shows styles including Swing, Jazz, Blues, Big Band, Jive, Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, and Balboa.

You can find out which presenter is on along with the show start time using the lefthand column below.

Please Note* the scheduled 60-minute showtime is listed in the lefthand column using the 24 Hour Clock GMT