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Saturday, 08 August 2020

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Present A Vintage OTR Show

Have you ever listened to one of our broadcasts and thought I could do that? Then this is your opportunity to become a vintage presenter.

None of our current presenters originate from a radio background but they are all involved in the current vintage scene and have a keen interest in music.

Some have joined with limited IT knowledge and we offer support to those of you wishing to take up the challenge.

 All you will need is a laptop or PC, a microphone, access to the Internet, and a current email address, the rest we can help with.

Keep calm and carry on

Where To Start Presenting a Vintage Radio Show?

What Vintage Music Can I Choose?

We only transmit music that is either out of copyright, or we have the artist’s permission to play the track.

With most original nineteen forties recordings out of UK copyright restrictions, this does not generally present an issue.

If you are unsure, just ask.

Help With Sourcing Music Tracks

If there is a particular track you need for your show and do not have, we can usually make this available to you via our DropBox System.

Contemporary bands in the vintage style are permitted but you will need the artist permission to use the material to avoid copyright issues.

It will take around nineteen to twenty music tracks to fill an hour and you will have a free hand at choosing your music.

What Do I Say During the Show?

There are no rules about voice over content during the broadcast, the format of the show is entirely in your hands but there are a few easy rules to follow.

Depending on your chosen format around nine voice-overs are required to put a cohesive production together.

The narrative is entirely your decision and, If you are going to be an occasional contributor we would suggest not using a timestamped event.

This would limit the amount of times we could run the show and this format would only suit weekly contributors.

References to personal websites, media, and social networks are all permitted in the voice-overs along with any period articles.

When Will the Show Be Broadcast?

Weekly shows will be allocated a regular time slot and only run for that week and all shows are archived locally.

The production is also uploaded to our MixCloud account which can be accessed on-demand the following day after the shows first run.

Let’s Make This Happen

If you decide to produce a pilot we will need a short biography to add you as a presenter to the website.

We will also need a few images to create the artwork and your preferred presenter’s name along with your chosen show title.

The next step is easy, simply click here or select the contact tab on the main menu to fill an online form. sponsor Just Great Big Bands with Kal Vaikla

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